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Brief History

ACT in Brief
April 21, 2005, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT - Fast Action Response) was officially launched by law as the foundation engaged in social and humanitarian fields. To expand the work, ACT develop its activities, ranging from emergency response activities, then expanded its activities into post-disaster recovery programs, empowerment and community development, as well as spiritual-based programs such as Qurban (Sacrifice), Zakat (Alms) and Waqf (Benefaction).
ACT is supported by public donors from the community who have a high awareness of the humanity issues, and also from some companies’ participation through partnership and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As part of its financial accountability ACT routinely provide annual financial report audited by a public accounting firm to donors and other stakeholders, as well as publish it through mass media.
Since 2012 ACT transform itself into a global humanitarian organization, with a wider range of activities. On a local scale, ACT developing a network to all provinces in the form of a volunteer’s network with Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI - Indonesian Volunteer Community) as the vessel and also in the form of ACT branch office network. The program activity is now within the scope of 30 provinces and 100 districts / cities throughout Indonesia.
In a global scale, ACT expanding its network in the form of representative persons and also provide offices overseas. The scope of global program activities are already up to 22 countries in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Indochina, the Middle East, Africa, Indo-China and Eastern Europe. ACT working zone on a global scale begins with contributing and give assistance in every human tragedy in many parts of the world such as natural disasters, famine and drought, conflict and wars, including the minorities’ oppression in various countries.
With the spirit of humanity collaboration, ACT invites every element of society and humanitarian organizations to get involved together. Based on decades of experience in the world of humanity, we educate together, opening a global partnership network as a means of togetherness. All of ACT global program become the facilitator to gain partnership with amil zakat institutions, caring community, artists and public figures which have the same vision for humanity.
The year of 2014 is the beginning for ACT to establish a global humanitarian collaboration, along with a new vision: “To be a global humanitarian organization based on professional generosity and global volunteerism community to create a better world civilization”. Emerging a comfort world for humanity, a civilized world and a glorious civilization in the shade of divine light. These ideals will become apparent with the involvement of all parties. We are filled with confidence; help us and be together to make it happen.
Let's ACT, Indonesia!