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Global Qurban
Qurban is one form of worship with social dimension in Islam. In it, is reflected in the social responsibility form of Muslim society to others. With qurban worship happen to strengthening human as social beings, because qurban surely addressed to someone else.
Qurban also coached the sanctity of soul, sensitivity and social awareness. Thus, qurban be an effective facility to develop the human solidarity. Qurban can also be a means to build and strengthen the relationship among humankind.
Therefore, qurban as social worship could be a solution to help build harmony of humanity, overcoming problems of humanity that currently engulf mankind such as poverty, conflicts, natural disasters, injustice, greed, inequality, and a variety of other humanitarian issues.
Strategically the role of sacrificial be the cornerstone of the presence GLOBAL QURBAN as an institution of professional qurban management. Because of the strategic role of this qurban will only be successful if the people could feel the benefit if qurban is managed in an organized manner through institutional
GLOBAL QURBAN manage qurban by involving the community since the beginning of the implementation process, namely:
Procurement of quality sacrificial animals
Prepare for sacrificial animals is an early stage that is a key to successful implementation of qurban. Global Qurban took the community in the procurement of sacrificial animals with favorable empowerment pattern so as to improve the welfare of the community. Nevertheless, Global Qurban still prioritizes the quality of sacrificial animals, which must be qualified in sharia terms as well as health that proper to be sacrificial animals.
The distribution of sacrificial animals that right on target
The coverage areas of Global Qurban beneficiaries not only covering all provinces in Indonesia but also in more than 20 countries in the World. The criteria for Global Qurban distribution area was the affected communities of humanitarian problems such as poverty, disaster and humanitarian conflict.
The cutting and distribution of sacrificial animals and meat are professionally managed and hygienically by involving the receiver community of sacrificial meat as the implementation team so that society as well as a witness that the sacrificial animal and meat given are proper to consume by the community and meet the health standards.
Reporting the implementation of qurban
For qurban-er (read: the person who give sacrificial animal for qurban), to belief that their sacrificial animals had been cut and distributed to the entitled community as well as right on target, can be obtained through qurban report given.
Global Qurban reporting directly to qurban-er in the form of images of live qurban animal, qurban animal after being cut, the qurban meat distribution and the explanation about the region profile which include testimony from the community representatives who received qurban meat.
In addition, qurban-er can also obtain information on qurban implementation through various communication media provided by Global Qurban.
For more info, click: http://globalqurban.com