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Indonesia Volunteer Society

Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI - Indonesia Volunteer Community)
MRI is an independent mass organizations, universal and free to cooperate with various parties to defend the interests and rights of society oriented to the development of a strong civil society. MRI upholds humanity values in an effort to strengthen togetherness and build harmony for community life.
MRI consists of volunteer individuals who have the commitment and contribution in creating positive change in their environment both micro and macro scales on the basis of volunteerism principles as a form of social responsibility as an individual, as a community, as a citizen, and as the world citizens.
In carrying out its role to restore the core of human authenticity for mutual glorify, MRI focusing its activities on:
The purpose of this activity is to score volunteers who understand the identity and volunteerism principles, expand the horizons and sharpen the skills of volunteers so that they can participate in humanitarian actions both disaster management as well as humanitarian programs in various areas of life to improve people's welfare.
In this series of voluntarism training each volunteer is honed up to be able to become a contributor for changes for improving the condition of society and the nation.
The series of training, including:
1.      Voluntarism Orientation
2.      Managerial and Leadership Training
3.      Total Disaster Management Training Package (Integrated disaster management such as mitigation, emergency up to recovery) starting from basic to advanced level which is done gradually.
4.      Humanitarian Program Management Training
5.      Humanitarian Journalism Training
6.      Gradual debriefing in the "Volunteer University"
7.      etc.
Training and skills debriefing alone is not enough to hone volunteers sensitivity to their social environment. So the advance stage of post-training is to involve volunteers in humanitarian actions. Volunteers are given the opportunity to engage actively and directly involved in Response to Natural Disasters and Humanitarian Disaster domestically as well as the International World.
Other than being involved in ACT's actions, volunteers are also given the opportunity to be totally involved in mentoring programs and also community development, with activities model as follow:
1.      Community Service Volunteers
Volunteers dedicating their time and potential in encouraging and assisting people in their community choices to improve the quality of life in various fields such as education, health, economy, etc. Volunteers in groups prepare a program concept, planning and implementation directly with the community. The term of these activities mutually agreed between the volunteer and the community/society.
2.      Community Assistance Volunteers
Volunteers act as mentors as well facilitators who assist the community in doing the quality of life improvement program, especially in the economic and mental spiritual development.
3.      Mobile Volunteers
The regular actions which are undergo by volunteers to help people from one place to another. Either in the form of health care, provision of food packages, joint action in cleaning the environment, etc. All the activities are initiated and implemented by volunteers in the form of a solid team and be in action based on concept and planning so that the action program run can be beneficial to the community.
MRI develops and strengthens the institution network starting from the center office up to regional branches. This is one of the efforts so that MRI can participate more regular, accelerated, and able to become the locomotive of changes that is more rapid and large. MRI network management is based on principles and spirit of independence.
For more info, click: http://mri.or.id