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Disaster Management Institute of Indonesia (DM11)

Become the leading institution in the development of knowledge and disaster management based on Total Disaster Management (TDM)
•        Develop a knowledge insight on disaster based on academic and practical experience (based practice)
•        Developing synergy and partnership in reducing the disaster risk (disaster risk reduction).
•        Actualize the community awareness and disaster preparedness
Disaster Management Institute of Indonesia (DM11) is an institution that manages the best practice management of disaster countermeasures as well as study centers, data and Indonesia disaster information. This institution is designed as a community partner in disaster risk reduction. DM11 works with the concept of Total Disaster Management (TDM) especially concentrating on the preventive stage, mitigation and preparedness.
Disaster mitigation is done in order to reduce the disaster risk as a form of preventive action to prepare the community or communities prepared to cope with disasters, thereby reducing the impact / risk in case of disaster. The concept was developed based on community, local government institutions starting from the village level, as well as the communities around corporate particularly on those industries with disaster risk.
Scope DM11 activity consists of:
1.      TRAINING
The objective of the training is to prepare the volunteers resource in disaster management, rescue teams, Emergency Response Plan Team at once campaigns and education for disaster risk reduction, education for K3 (Kesehatan Keselamatan Kerja - Healthy Safety Work) and capacity building of human resources or disaster management team. Training variant that becomes the core of DMII among others:
Provide complete training service and strategic in the areas of:
•        Training of community-based disaster mitigation and region-based (CBDRM, government etc.)
•        Coaching and Training Keselamatan Kesehatan Kerja (K3 Certification)
•        Contingency Plan Training
•        SAR training (Fire Rescue, Vertical Rescue, Water Rescue, etc.)
•        Disaster Preparedness (Flood Preparedness Training, Fire Preparedness Training, Eruption Preparedness Training, Earthquake Preparedness Training)
Provide one day training service in the areas of:
•        Motivation on Disaster & Humanity Intelligence Training
•        Outbound Training based on Disaster Games
•        Disaster Preparedness Training
•        Disaster Management Training
•        Psycho Healing Mastery
•        K3 Training
•        Fire Rescue Training
•        Vertical Rescue Training
•        Training for Disaster Volunteer
DM11 provide consulting service in the areas of:
•        SOP for Emergency Response Plan (ERP) for Government & Private Sector
•        SOP for Disaster Management for Government & Private Sector
•        Design & Construction for SAR Training Center
•        SOP for SAR Operations Management
Disaster management:
•        Fire Safety & Security Consulting and Fire Safety
•        Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Management System
•        Safety, Health and Environmental Management Plan
3.      RESEARCH
•        Research Program for Economic Impact of Flood, Disaster Risk Reduction Project
•        Spatial data mapping of potential disaster areas using GIS (Geographic Information System)
•        Research of Humanity Problem base on Community (around the company area, especially companies that engaged in mining)
The results of this research reinforce the Humanity Data Center and Information.
Publish and sell tools and disaster educational facilities, such as brochures, posters, comic books, booklets, etc.
•        Disaster Equipment (tents, boats, etc.)
•        Portable Toilet
•        Knock-down Shelter
•        Vertical Inspection, Maintenance and cleaning of High Buildings (Rope Access)
•        Vertical Man Power Supplier,
•        Man Power Supplier,
•        Vertical Safety Equipment Supplier, etc.
For more info, click: http://dmii.or.id