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CSR Management & Development (CMD)

Initiation of this institution is motivated effort togetherness (partnership) with the company's upstream and downstream to ensure that CSR programs in accordance to the needs of the community, even able to contribute "imaging" which is positive for the company PR (Public Relations) needs.
Some of the competencies that CMD offered to the company include:
•        Assist the company through research to determine the basic needs that is a priority to community around the company's operations area to determine the option of CSR program that is most appropriate for the community.
•        Helps to measure the environmental impact around the project location from the environmental aspects of the physical, social, economic, cultural, in a macro and micro scale.
•        Assist in the process of making the organizational design to handle the company's CSR programs, recruitment and upgrading of human resources, the establishment of Strategic Planning and implementation strategy for the program.
•        Assist the company in the implementation of any CSR program so that right on target, and provide optimum benefits to beneficiaries both short term and long term.
CSR Activation
1.      Health for Humanity
•        Malnutrition Rehabilitation Program (MRP) / Integrated Nutrition Workshop
•        Water for Humanity
•        Food for Humanity
•        Nutrition for Humanity
2.      Disaster Response for Humanity
a.      Emergency
•        Rescue
•        Relief
•        Healing
•        Medic
b.      Recovery
•        Integrated Community Shelter (ICS)
•        Infrastructure for Humanity
•        Economic Recovery Program
3.      Education for Humanity
•        Rumah Belajar Anak (RBA - Children Learning Home)
•        Relawan Pendidikan Anak (RPA - Children Education Volunteers)
•        Volunteer Institute (Voluntary Institute)
4.      Empowerment for Humanity
•        Economic Empowerment for Women and Urban Poor Community
•        Student-preneur Program
•        Lumbung Ternak Masyarakat (LTM - Community Cattle Barn)
5.      Green for Humanity
•        Green & Clean Program
•        Green School Program
•        Program Tabung Pohon (Tree Savings Program)
•        Green Life Style Campaign
CSR Consultant
•        Social and Environmental Impact Assessment Project
•        Baseline Survey & Community Needs Assessment
•        Strategic Issues & Stakeholder Mapping
•        Review of Policy & Corporate Social Responsibility Management
•        Social Skills Training for CSR
•        CSR Strategy Planning
•        CSR Management Training