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People Breathing Ash ,Sinabung Erupted 7 Times in the Last 24 Hours

06 Feb 2017
People Breathing Ash ,Sinabung Erupted 7 Times in the Last 24 Hours

ACTNews, KARO Regency People living in the city will never know what it’s like to breathe upon volcanic ashes all day and every day. But this has become the conditions for settlements around the hillsides of Mount SInabung, Karo Regency-North Sumatera.

Eruptions occur every day around Mount Sinabung, and it can happen several times in one day. These occurrences have lasted until today since 2013. What’s more frightening is volcanic activities have not stopped, and eruptions are expected to carry on for several years ahead.

Latest information from the area in the last 24 hours revealed that Sinabung has erupted several times, showing signs that volcanic activities have increased than before. Since early Sunday (5/2), until 16.50 Indonesian Western Time, Sinabung has erupted more than 7 times.

Just a day before, precisely on Saturday (4/2), Sinabung Observation Point in Ndolkum village Siroga sub-district Simpang Empat-Karo reported that Mount Sinabung have puffed out volcanic ash 8 times since 00.00 Indonesian Western Time until 15.00 in the afternoon. Sprays of ash reached as high as 800 meters to 5 kilometers into the air.   

Despite there was no smoke coming from the volcano, nevertheless the eruption on Saturday (4/2) created streams of lava expanding more than a kilometer away to the east and southeast of the area. In just 4 days, volcano activities from Thursday to Sunday has made Simpang Empat area and Berastagi city layered by volcanic ashes, creating a havoc in breathing. 
“Layers of ash is already a common thing for people residing in Berastagi and Karo,” explained Head of the sub-district of Namanteran, Kasman Sembiring.

According to Kompas, quoted by Mount Sinabung Volcano Researchers, Deri Al-Hidayat explained they have calculated Mount Sinabung’s dome on January 2017. It is known that Lava dome of Mount Sinabung has reached 1,3 million cubic square. Before, Mount Sinabung lava dome was estimated about 2.6 million meters cubic!    

A lava dome is a round-shaped mound created by the eruption of viscous lava by a volcano. Domes are formed when erupting lava is too thick to flow and makes a steep-sided mound as the lava piles up near the volcanic vent. This makes it prone to rupture causing lava to stream out of the volcano.
How are Mount Sinabung evacuees today? Karo Regency Regional Disaster Management Agency recorded that until February 2017 there are still 2.592 families or about 9.137 lives from 9 villages and backwoods still taking shelter.
Until today, they have evacuated for several years now. They are currently living in tents without a house. All their valuable have perished, all that remains are clothes they can salvage. Their houses have now become a ghost town, with no signs of life. Settlements around the red zones of Mount Sinabung are now prohibited to be occupied until further notice. []

Writer: Shulhan Syamsur Rijal/ Rio Christa Yatim