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Prevention of Food Insecurity: Hundreds of Food Packages Distributed to 9 Villages

06 Feb 2017
Prevention of Food Insecurity: Hundreds of Food Packages Distributed to 9 Villages

ACTNews, BANDUNG – Hundreds of Food Packages from Bukalapak.com, Superindo and public donors of ACT were distributed by the Field Team of ACT and MRI in nine villages in Bandung District on Saturday (4/2). The activity targeted remote areas, slum areas, flood-affected areas and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF)-affected areas.
The target villages were Neglasari (Majalaya Sub-district), Margabakti, Pangalengan, Langensari, Rancatungku, Rancamulya, Sukasari (Pameungpeuk Sub-district), Tarajusari (Banjaran Sub-district) and Cimaung (Cimaung Sub-district).
According to Atep Salman Al-Farisi, Head of MRI of Bandung District, the teams went to the nine villages and distributed the food packages all day long.
“Prior to the division of the teams, we did the assessment. Our team collaborated with village officials to collect the data of locals who deserved to be the beneficiaries of this program,” he said.
He then added, the beneficiaries were the underprivileged communities such as firewood seeker, farmworker, industrial labor, casual worker and the elder. “The food package itself comprises 5 kilos of rice, 2 liters of cooking oil, 5 kilos of sugar, canned mackerel, a can of milk and herbs. Besides distributing the groceries, Superindo also distributed food and personal hygiene products produced under Superindo brand,” he said.
The Food Package Program is one of ACT’s social and development programs which aims to feed those who are lack of food source in order to save them from hunger. The aforementioned regions such as remote areas and slum areas become the target of this program.
According to Diding Fachrudin, one of the team members, the program will continue to be held in several crucial regions in Indonesia. This aims to help Government in reducing food insecurity which can lead to famine.     
“This program is our main project (ACT’s main program -red) to reduce food insecurity which is mainly caused by poverty and natural disaster. We, together with MRI members across Indonesia, especially in eastern Indonesia, will continuously distribute the food package,” he said optimistically.
All beneficiaries were grateful to receive the food package. Ma Anih (59) for example, this firewood seeker and one of the locals of Leuwing Awi Kampong, Neglasari Village rarely receive such kind of aid and therefore she was so thankful when the team delivered the package to her family.
For her, food package from ACT was so helpful in covering the daily need of her family amidst the financial crisis.
“Alhamdulillah, Son, thank you for helping me and my family, even helping the entire kampong. I am so happy to receive this package because I scarcely get this. It really helps our family,” she said emotionally.
The activity was even appreciated by Isun Suryadi (45), Head of BPD (Village Development Bank) Langonsari Village, Pameungpeuk Sub-district. According to him, ACT’s program in his village really helped the village officials in reducing food insecurity.
“This aid really helps us in reducing food insecurity, particularly around the riverbank of Cisangkuy, one of disaster-prone areas where DHF outbreak affected. Thank you ACT, we hope ACT can expand the benefit for those who are in need,” he closed.
Based on the data collected by Regional Government of Bandung District in 2015, the total number of poor communities in the region is 288,000 people or 8 percent of the total population. Hopefully this year, the figure will decrease and therefore it will plummet the risk of food insecurity as well, amen. []
Writer: Muhajir Arif Rahmani
Photo: Diding Fachrudin