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BPBD NTB: 29 Thousand Lives Affected in Sumbawa

10 Feb 2017
BPBD NTB: 29 Thousand Lives Affected in Sumbawa

ACTNews, SUMBAWA – Once again, areas in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) is struck by flooding. The weather anomaly on late December until February 2017 across the Indonesian archipelago has aroused disaster to unfold in the location. 

Not too long ago, Bima City was struck by a flash flood, paralyzing residents daily activities. And just last week, Sumbawa and Lombok Regency were swept by a flood. According to reports on early Friday (10/2) morning, people affected in Sumbawa reached up to 29 thousand lives. Reports on the field revealed that Sumbawa was struck by flooding three times in a row. 

Several days of high intensity of rain caused the first flooding to occur on Tuesday (7/2) around 22:00, affecting 1.934 lives in the sub-district of Sumbawa. Flooding than expanded, inundating 10.146 people in the sub-district of Labuhan Badas. The situation then worsened when flooding occurred on Wednesday (8/2). According to Head of Regional Disaster Management Agency in West Nusa Tenggara, Muhammad Rum the last series of flooding had affected 4.304 lives.  

On the third day, flooding continued to submerge the area. Since 9 in the morning of Wednesday (9/2), North Moyo and Moyo Hilir was reported to be affected by the flood with more than 5.518 people in the area. Official data from BPBD in West Nusa Tenggara recorded the people affected mounted up to 7.545 head of families or around 29. 187 lives.
Surely, the chaos will affect the farmers in the area. As much as 175 acres of rice paddies are now threatened to suffer from crop failure in the sub-district of North Moyo. Grains planted not too long ago will now wither and die by water reaching as high as a meter.  

In response to the disaster, Indonesian Volunteer Society (MRI) – ACT from West Nusa Tenggara have been deployed to areas most affected. Particularly in the sub-district of Empang, where there are still several villages yet to receive logistic aid.

Geographically, Sumbawa Regency is not flat. Several areas are headwater located in the woods and hillsides, whereas settlements are located below ground. In a release, Sumbawa Vice Regent, Drs H Mahmud Abdullah stated that areas most affected are located in woodlands dangerously acting as a reservoir in the highest region in Sumbawa Regency. []

Writer: Shulhan Syamsur Rijal/ Rio Christa Yatim