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Three Days of Rain Flooded Three Districts in Jambi

01 Mar 2017
Three Days of Rain Flooded Three Districts in Jambi

ACTNews, JAMBI – High intensity of rain dominates not only Java Islands, but it is evenly occurring across Indonesia. From East to West such as Sumatera Island, for three days, high intensity of rain has been reported to be centered along the East Coast of Sumatera from Bangka Belitung until Jambi, where disastrous flooding reoccurred.   

Battering rain for three days caused three sub-districts in Jambi Province to be submerged by water on Tuesday (28/2). In a press release by Jambi Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) mentioned the three sub-districts included Sorolangun, Muaro Bungo and Merangin. Adding to the devastation, a coastal flood also occurred in West Tanjungjabung.   

Flooding in Sorolangun sub-district affected Laman Sigatal Village. Water designated from an overflowing river affecting more than 30 households. Apart from flooding, landslide also struck sub-district Pauh Ilir. Since word got out, totaled damage of the devastation in Pauh Ilir has yet to be assessed. Nevertheless, initial reports from BPBD stated that two houses have been flattened to the ground by the landslide.
About 32 head of families including residents of the houses destroyed is forced to evacuate to safer grounds. After collapsing the houses located RT 10, Pauh Kelurahan Pauh, in Pauh sub-district were swept by the fast current. The event unfolded when rain poured in the area forcing ground to break, collapsing two houses located on a ridge.
On the same day, Tuesday (28/2), high water levels inundated Muaro Bungo district affecting dozens of houses in Rantau Pandan area. The overflow of water happened rapidly after rain showered for three days in a row.

The landslide also occurred in Merangin district, affecting a market located in Pasar Bawah Bangko, Merangin on Monday night (27/2). Five shops were severely damaged along with the base of Batang Masumai bridge located not too far away from the market.

In other parts of Merangin, Lantak Seribu Village, Renah Pamenang sub-district was also affected by flooding on Tuesday (28/2). High water levels in the location have cut off access back and forth from Lantak Seribu village to Tambang Emas village in South Pamenang district, paralyzing residents activities.  

While three districts were flooded by overflowing of rivers, a coastal flood occurred in West Tanjungjabung. Water from the ocean aroused to higher grounds submerging settlements in the area. Rain water made conditions worse, causing water levels to gradually increase.

In regards to the rain that has been happening for three days in Jambi, Dalmanto, Head of Disaster Preparation of BPBD Jambi revealed there are chances of areas unknown also affected by flooding, as quoted from Antara News Agency.
Forecast of the weather also revealed that rain the wet season will continue until early March.

Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics (BMKG) station in Jambi stated that the weather in Jambi and other parts around it will still be showered by rain with intensities reaching up to high and medium until early March. Adding to the bad news, rain is to be accompanied by thunder and high winds.  
Weather forecast in Jambi will affect districts of Batanghari, Muarojambi, East and West Tanjungjabung along with Tebo district. []

Writer: Shulhan Syamsur Rijal/ Rio Christa Yatim