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Sodaqo, Bangkitkan Ekonomi Kerakyatan!

06 Feb 2017
Sodaqo, Bangkitkan Ekonomi Kerakyatan!

ACTNews, SOUTH TANGERANG – Retail business is booming in Indonesia, causing traditional markets to diminish. Because of the high level of competition, some markets are forced to close. Convenient stores have also proliferated in the countryside amounting to social problems for the society. Without any regulation from the government containing the matter, these modern markets are popping up all over the area causing a big impact on traditional markets.

Making things worse, these convenience stores does not empower the local society or even traditional market, only magnifying their brand. Seeing as how the development and characteristics of modern minimarkets are capitalistic, ACT has collaborated with PT Hydro for more than a year establishing a sharia-based marketplace supporting the people's economy.  

In developing the modern retail business entitled Sodaqo, ACT and PT Hydro have inserted a religious factor to the equation, thus sadaqah. According to the Holy Quran, sadaqah means voluntary offering or in a modern context means voluntary charity. A single transaction at Sodaqo mini market, clients can fulfill their daily needs and at the same time help people in need such as orphans, poor people and people with disabilities. 
Implementations of the process are done by setting aside 30 percent of income from the retail business, Sodaqo, to the people stated above along with periodic reports. 
Apart from the religious and humanitarian factor, Business Development Director of PT Hydro, Yuri Andi Kontamin (49) stated that Sodaqo is open for anyone from any level of the society to grow in a positive fashion.
“Sodaqo is designed to empower society. They are not just consumers, but they are also the subject of the economy. The effort we put in for Sodaqo is unity, aside from the 30 percent of income that will benefit the needy,” he explained after officially opening the 14th Sodaqo convenient store in Pondok Labu, Pondok Kacang Road No.22. Parigi, Pondok Aren on Saturday (4/1).

Yuri, also mentioned that Sodaqo Retail business is unlike any other convenient stores, owned by an individual. Sodaqo provides the liberty to its partners to establish more stores with individual, communities or even organizations.

“Anyone can do it. Everybody can have a Sodaqo convenient store,” Yuri said.
His statement is also confirmed by Mahmud Mulsagar (39), the individual partner of Sodaqo in Pondok Kacang. According to the DKI Bank employee, the vision, mission, and mindset of Sodaqo are based on the economics of society. It is according to Islamic Laws and brings up the emotional feeling of compassion for social and humanitarian matters.  

“Alhamdulillah, I joined with Sodaqo to share, as I intended to do. As a matter a fact, I idolized the sharia concept for many years but I was incapable of standing on my own. Alhamdulillah, my dreams have now become a reality by working together with Pt Hydro and ACT. I really feel beneficial with their sadaqah concept,” he said.    

Mahmud also mentioned that the people’s economy will rise. He is now inviting all of his friends and colleagues to have the same mindset, in developing Sodaqo retail stores.
“Insya Allah, I am optimistic that Sodaqo will raise the people’s economy and I am very proud I can be a part of it," he concluded.

A wide variety of humanitarian programs is also obtained from Sodaqo stores, such as Global Qurban-ACT aid in 2016. Apart from implementing the programs the development of Humanity Card, 30 percent of the income is benefited for social and humanitarian matters. []

Writer: Muhajir Arif Rahmani/ Rio ChristaYatim
Photo: Satari